Happy Tails Nougat


| May 11, 2023
Happy Tails

Nougat (formerly Debby) came home with me in the late afternoon back in October 2022 and snuggled up with me on the couch that very evening!

She is so sweet-tempered I changed her name to Nougat – the sweet confectionary that also has some of her white, rusty orange, and black colouring. She has settled in really well, and is playing like a kitten, not like the 15-year-old cat she is supposed to be! She loves lounging in the sun on the window sill among the flower pots and curling up on the bed with me at night. Her purr is so loud it can be heard across the room and occurs quite frequently. She loves playing with her black (twice the size of her) feline friend BooBoo who comes visiting and introduced her to Laser chasing!

I am so grateful that I found her and she is super content here. I hope the two of us will have many good years together!

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