Panther and Coco

| April 27, 2023
Happy Tails

I’ve had the privilege of not only adopting Panther and Coco but also bringing them into their forever home. I had initially seen their profile on the website shortly after my previous Toronto Humane Society adopted cat, Huggums, had passed away. I immediately fell in love with the bonded pair. When I first went to Toronto Humane Society, Panther and Coco were actually not on site as I had expected. After spending time with the adoption counselor, and the trainer, I was confident that I could provide them with the environment, patience, and love they deserve.

Over the last while, Panther and Coco have not only acclimated to their environment wonderfully, but they have really come into their own. I was a little concerned, and to be frank, disappointed at their lack of interest in the numerous toys provided. That was short-lived when I realized that they much prefer to play with each other than any toy.

They are both very affectionate in very different ways. Coco is a sweet, softer gentleman with a nice rumbly purr. He comes up and makes sure to get my attention by softly nudging me when he’s ready for loving. He even lets me rub his belly. Panther, on the other hand, likes being picked up. He’s also a much more forceful attention seeker. He’ll push right into my side, arm, or whatever is accessible, even climb up on my pillow and push into my neck. At first, I thought that he didn’t purr, but he’s just very quiet about it. You have to listen for it.

They both no longer need their safe space and have made the entire place their own. They are well-behaved and only scratch the scratching post/cat tree. Both now sleep in my bedroom with me. Coco at the foot of the bed on my yarn crate, and Panther on the bed beside me.

I’m so very blessed to have Toronto Humane society not only rescue, shelter, and provide them with all the care and treatment they needed when they were brought in, but the absolutely phenomenal care that the foster family gave them while they were housed there. I’m so very thankful for everything you all have done that’s allowed me to have these two beautiful boys become an important part of my life.

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