Happy Tails Pixie Wakanda

Pixie Wakanda

| June 1, 2023
Happy Tails

My wife and I adopted this wonderful 8-month-old kitty from Toronto Humane Society. We weren’t even really expecting to adopt, but when we met Pixie Wakanda (formerly Wakanda), we knew that we couldn’t leave her. She has been a wonderful addition to our home. We didn’t realize we needed another cat until Pixie Wakanda showed up. The love revealed to us by this small little cat is out of this world. I have already told my wife that in about 15 years I am hoping to retire from work and go to vet school so that I can take better care of Pixie Wakanda as she approaches age 20.

I want to commend Toronto Humane Society. I actually pulled out my application from the adoption process at another local shelter as they had about 6 steps before you could adopt. I could not continue with them as their expectations were completely unrealistic and they were more interested in creating barriers to adoption than looking for opportunities to send their cats and dogs into good homes. The process was simple at Toronto Humane Society and we feel it works well. The staff seemed all caring and not condescending.

Thank you Toronto Humane Society for enriching our lives with this little beauty!

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