Happy Tails - Roxie


| October 19, 2023
Happy Tails

We first met Roxie in early July and even though we were instantly smitten with her, we hesitated as she was going through treatment for heartworm disease. After considering another dog, we realized that Roxie was indeed the one for us. We were able to foster her till she was clear from heartworm and officially adopted her on August 15th. Just a couple of months later she is a loving, very high-energy, extremely intelligent, adorable dog. She loves being outdoors and following the trails of the neighbourhood bunny rabbits and squirrels. She must have a pointer dog breed in her as when she spots a rabbit, she stands perfectly still and points with her front paw! We are now able to take her on longer walks and have introduced her to the forest trails in our area. She enjoys chasing balls in the backyard, and playing with her tug toy and she mastered an intermediate-level puzzle toy within seconds. She very quickly selected her favourite sleeping spots – a leather chair in the family room, the king-size bed, and more recently one of the chairs on the patio. So much for the 2 doggie beds we have for her!

We are so happy that we found her. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we will continue to spoil her as she definitely deserves it.

Thank you to the staff of Toronto Humane Society for all the care and attention they give the animals till they find their forever home.

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