| October 31, 2022
Happy Tails

On the second day home I decided to open her x-pen and give her the chance to explore if she wished to do so. After slight hesitation she began to explore. She was so excited by everything, she immediately jumped up onto my couch and hopped around without fear.

That night, I tried to put her back into the x-pen three times, only to turn around and find her loafing on my couch each time. That’s when Butter decided she would be a free roam bunny and we both never looked back.

She wakes me up in the morning by jumping around on my bed if I sleep in too long and hasn’t chewed any baseboards! When she’s in the mood she will accept lots of pets and kisses but is otherwise busy running around doing her own thing.

She loves floppingin her favourite spots to take a nap too. I have also discovered that she will do anything for her pellets– when she hears the bag, she will come running no matter what, even if she was trying to distance herself from the dogs. However, she has become completely comfortable with one of my dogs and doesn’t seem to mind the other either.

She has warmed up to everyone in the house!  When someone enters my room, she will run up to them to greet them with a sniff before hopping away, and usually she stays close, hopping around me and my family members. I have also been paying attention to her stitches and they seem to be healing well.

Finally, as said by my brother, “she is the cutest pet in the house.” She has our hearts.

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