Boy and Girl

| September 21, 2022
Happy Tails

It’s been about a month since I brought Boy and Girl home and I’m pleased to report they’re settling in smoothly. They’re so friendly and gentle – any positive attention makes them purr, even being brushed or picked up. They’ve been out and about the place since their arrival and love spending time by the windows spying on people down below.

Girl’s dental extractions healed up well and the two have good, regular poops! They’re on a gastro diet for Girl’s intermittent vomiting and their microchip feeders just arrived in the mail, so I can get the ball rolling with her weight loss plan. I already adore them and it’s safe to say they will be spoiled forever.

A huge thank you to Toronto Humane Society’s team for all the care devoted to them over their years and for helping them find a new home!

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