Oscar - Happy Tails


| December 26, 2021
Happy Tails

We absolutely adore the little guy, and he seems to be settling into his new home really well!

Oscar slept in the car the whole way home and him and his new brother, Charlie, are like two peas in a pod (Oscar always has to be touching him)!

Oscar is a very smart boy and mastered the stairs within 2 days, although he is still quite clumsy with his feet. He has quite the appetite with his food, but when it comes to treats, if it isn’t salmon flavoured then he doesn’t want it. His potty training is coming along really well, and he sleeps through the entire night in his crate. He is even starting to find his voice with the odd little “row row row.”

We wanted to thank you again for the support you all provided to Oscar, and the continued support you are providing to all of the other animals in need. We feel so lucky to have found our sweet boy and can’t thank you enough for helping us through this journey!

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