Sunny - happy tails


| December 24, 2021
Happy Tails

I adopted Sunny the senior baby on November 9th. It only took this curious senior a couple of days to want to explore our apartment and a few days after that to make it his own.

He knows he needs his hyperthyroid pills and takes them really well for us! He has become the BIGGEST suck. Every morning its meds, meal, and a good brush and pet.  I work from home, and he always rotates between each side of me on the couch – he’s never no more than a foot away. But of course, it’s just a coincidence that I’m there while he’s also there.

He reminds me to take breaks by meowing in his throaty voice for attention. He purrs so loud we can hear him in the next room! He also purrs often too! He’s just a happy smiling boy.

When my partner comes home Sunny greets him and they have a little bonding time. The last few days he has been showing us his belly and enjoys some belly pets.

We had our first visit with the vet and he was such a gentleman he stole everyone’s heart. He is such a sweet boy who loves sleeping in our closet, and underneath our clothes while they’re out to dry. He likes to play with lasers and swatting toys without extra noise.

I have depression that’s always made worse by the changing seasons, but Sunny has shone through the darkness and helped me feel a bit better. I love taking the best care of him and giving him the extra loving that a senior cat needs. I would encourage everyone to adopt a senior, they are special cats, and they deserve to finish their lives comfortable and loved. My Sunny boy is the biggest blessing! Thank you for helping me find him.

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