| July 28, 2022
Happy Tails

Archie (formerly Red) has really settled in and is so much more comfortable after a few months.

Together, we’ve worked on leash training and socializing with other dogs and people. He loves going to the dog park. He herds and chases other dogs – and boy can he run!

We’ve also worked on car rides. He had his first road trip and he slept the whole way through with a few timbit and pee breaks.

He loves it when his crate is open, but not too much when it’s closed. And as for grooming, we found one that he likes after trying a few different brushes. He will tolerate baths.

We’re still working on touching, vet visits, and being gentle when playing with toys.

Archie loves hikes, the dog park, car rides, cuddles, and playtime.

I wanted to thank you all again for what you do.  You helped me find my buddy and helped him find a safe home. If people don’t say it enough, you are all really appreciated.

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