Astra and Luna

| August 20, 2022
Happy Tails

Thank you to everyone for helping with our ladies, Astra and Luna. It’s very clear they came from a great home, and I know your team worked to help make their time as best as possible. It’s very clear in how easily they re-opened up to us.

They’re loving their new home and have already settled themselves in nicely. When we opened the doors to the carriers Astra immediately left to sniff everything. It was great seeing her wander around and even walk over my lap. Luna took a couple minutes to come out and had wandered into the corner for a few moments until she realized Astra was getting the attention.

They’ll stay in our office for the next few days while they get settled so we can monitor everything. Astra is obsessed with finding out what lies beyond the mysterious door.

Fun fact, they love music, and both perked up to Olivia Rodrigo, so we’re thinking of getting a radio for them during the day.

These little ladies have quickly made their place here and we’re excited to share more photos as they continue to settle in. After all, they are, without any hint of personal bias, the most beautiful kitties in the world.

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