| July 14, 2022
Happy Tails

We’ve had Canoe (formerly Octavia) for a week now, and she’s been wonderful! Already I have more pictures of her on my phone than of anyone else, and I love it.

She fits into our home and schedules really well, and she’s a smart cookie too – we’ve successfully established that whenever we snap our fingers, it’s because she’s doing something she shouldn’t (being on the countertop, scratching at the couch, etc.) and when we snap, she will immediately stop and come to us for pets and pats.

She’s a natural at being cute, and as I write this she’s curled up at my feet, snoozing away. She has shown little to no anxiety after the first day she came into our home and has had adorable, big, circular eyes all the time.

We love her, and she seems to love us too.

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