| August 27, 2022
Happy Tails

Once we brought Hoagie inside, we brought him to the sanctuary room and opened up the carrier door. He immediately explored the room, began playing with toys we had for him, curling up and headbutting for pets and scratches.

Anytime we left the room he tried to follow and waited by the door until we came back (we could see his feet and shadow under the door). He meowed and pawed at the door out, so we decided to try letting him see some more of the house. He instantly liked it. He explored every part of the house he could, climbed on my husband and I, loves my in-laws, and everyone loves him.

He’s picked a couple spots he loves to snuggle up in, including between my legs under the blanket. Very early to call it a success story but I feel like this is a success story nonetheless!

Thank you to everyone who helped us with getting Hoagie to his forever home!

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