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| March 10, 2022
Happy Tails

We adopted Toast back in November and it was love at first sight.

Amélie, our daughter, is 8 years old and her and Toast are BFFs.

Toast didn’t take a long time to get used to her new family and home. We didn’t have to crate train her, she saw it and just went in. She sits on demand and goes to the top of the stairs to wait for her leash to be put on before going out. She responds really well to her name and loves treats! She also plays so well with other dogs and is loved by the whole neighbourhood. She has amazing behaviour, and we are so lucky to have her.

We are still working on her fear of buses, streetcars, and traffic in general. She now hops in the car without fear but gets really anxious during the drive. Once she runs everywhere, and tires out, the trip back home is quieter.

She also loves eating snow and ice, she is crazy about it!

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