Heartwarming Stories of Transformation Displayed at Toronto Humane Society

| November 11, 2022

Jack Jackson, a Toronto dog photographer, has been touring across Canada exhibiting his Don’t You Want Me exhibit. His final stop will be at Toronto Humane Society to display his exhibit during Trans Awareness Week. 

Don’t You Want Me is a social impact photography project that displays the bond between queer and trans people and their rescue dogs, cultivating empathy, understanding, and admiration through photography and storytelling.  

“Trans Awareness Week is a hugely important week for the project – to date almost half of the people that are featured in the project identify as trans, including myself,” Jackson comments.  “Through images and storytelling, I aim to capture the joy of being trans and show the many transformations that can take place when rescue dogs and people receive the things they need: love, shelter and to not live in fear.” 

The exhibit will be on display at Toronto Humane Society from November 5th until the end of the year. 

“Exhibiting the project at Toronto Humane Society is a dream come true for me,” Jackson continues. “Arriving in Toronto at the age of 38 was the first time I felt at home and Jet (his adopted dog) coming into my life provided me with the family I needed to carry me through one of the toughest periods that followed. I think we all need family.”  

We are thrilled to display this exhibit and celebrate our 2S/LGBTQ+ community. Toronto Humane Society stands in solidarity with the Transgender community in their fight for justice, increased representation, and inclusion in society, and is proud to partner with the Don’t You Want Me initiative to help spotlight this caring, vibrant community. 

In addition to showcasing the exhibit, Jackson will also be offering gift cards for a free dog photoshoot, through his dog photography business Jack Jackson dog photography, for anyone who adopts a dog from Toronto Humane Society during Trans Awareness Week. 

Share Your Story

Throughout December, Jack will be interviewing and photographing local people who would like to take part in the project. Individuals who are part of the 2S/LGBTQ+ community, have rescued a dog, and have experienced firsthand how their dog changed their life are encouraged to apply to participate.