Help ban declawing in Ontario

Help Ban Declawing in Ontario

| December 11, 2020

Some think of declawing as nothing more than a permanent nail clipping – a little manicure that helps cats keep their claws off their furniture. But according to Dr. Jacklyn Ellis, Toronto Humane Society’s Director of Behaviour, the procedure is more like an amputation than a manicure. It is like removing the last bone on all of a human’s fingers.

Toronto Humane Society has always strongly opposed declawing. It is inhumane, very painful, and has negative long-lasting effects on cats.

Many countries have already banned the declawing of cats, such as Brazil, Israel, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. Within Canada, the provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia have banned the practice. The collective Veterinary Associations of Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Manitoba have banned declawing too.

An exciting bill has just been put forward to ban declawing of cats in Ontario – but this is only half the battle. We need your help and support to ensure this bill passes.

How you can help

Email your MPP and express your support for banning declawing in Ontario. Let’s also keep the conversation going and shed light on this cruel practice. Share this article, send a tweet, or text your friend with cats.

Together, we can help many feline friends from ever facing the painful reality of declawing.