These Puppies Need Your Help Right Now

| April 18, 2022

These puppies have been exposed to an infectious disease and they need your support

Earlier this week, Toronto Humane Society welcomed 12 dogs from remote communities of Northern Ontario. The group included 4 puppies, 4 adult dogs, and a mom with her three babies. It was a happy welcome party with wagging tails and laughter all around. 

But just after the dogs arrived, we noticed that one puppy named Sequoia was vomiting. She was quickly diagnosed with parvovirus. This is an infectious viral disease of dogs which causes vomiting, diarrhea and anorexia. It can be life threatening without intensive and immediate treatment.  

Parvovirus infections require  an “all hands on deck” approach, with many different departments involved throughout the organization. With staff, in full PPE, working overtime to provide intensive care including intravenous fluids, intravenous antibiotics and anti-vomiting medication.  

And this is just for Sequoia. 

Because parvovirus is so contagious, those animals who spent time with Sequoia will also need to be tested and possibly quarantined. If more test positive, which is likely, the costs of treatment, along with measures aimed at preventing the spread of the infection, will continue to climb.

This is an urgent situation which calls for quick thinking and strong teamwork. Right now, everyone from veterinarians to volunteers are working tirelessly to help these animals. We have the people and the passion – we just need you to ensure we have the resources to save these lives and prevent an outbreak of this deadly disease. 

We need your help now.