How Halloween Can Help Animals in Need

| October 29, 2021

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Halloween is scary, isn’t it? Ghouls, ghosts, and the most frightful goblins. But Halloween is also sweet. It is a time when animals in need gather their little bags, put on their little costumes, and wait patiently for their treats and their tricks!

Treats can make all the difference

Halloween Treats do a few things for animals in need. First, they fill their bellies and make them happy! Second, treats remind them that someone out there is thinking about them. Third, treats help Toronto Humane Society’s training professionals support animals through a variety of training and enrichment exercises.

Whether it is a dog who suffers with leash skills, a cat with chronic anxiety, or a baby rabbit who just needs a little extra support – this structured behavioural support helps animals get adopted faster.

Knowing all the differences a Halloween Treat can make, why not send one their way right now? As a thank you for helping pets experience the joy of Halloween, you’ll receive a personalized letter from an animal in the following weeks.

Send them a Halloween treat!