How Training Can Help Your Pet Overcome Stranger Danger

| November 5, 2021

Jon Snow’s fear of strangers

Jon always had a problem with strangers. Inside, outside – didn’t matter. None could be trusted. His family was careful to work around these trust issues. They made sure there were no surprises in and outside of the home. Guests were introduced with slow introductions, along with treats and toys. This system worked for Jon. It gave him the time and the space he needed to get comfortable with new people.  

But when a stranger walked into his family’s backyard unannounced, Jon Snow panicked and lunged at the uninvited guest. 

After this incident, Jon’s parents knew they needed help. 

They began behaviour modification training with Toronto Humane Society’s Public Training Team.  

The strategy was to make Snow feel more comfortable around strangers by teaching him to calmly move away from situations that made him feel uncomfortable 

In a matter of weeks, Jon began running happily to his bed when strangers visited the home. He also learnt to position himself behind his parents on walks, instead of approaching strangers when they got too close. These strategies improved Jon’s behaviour and overall well-being.  

Jon’s parents were so happy with the results, they signed up for two additional months of support from our team. Jon’s life has improved dramatically.  

Public Training Strengthens the Human-Animal Bond

Toronto Humane Society’s services provide a guided approach, which includes a consultation to determine what is causing the problem-behaviour, along with weekly trainer-led sessions to work through the behaviour itself. 

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this comprehensive and integrated approach to animal behaviour, visit us here to learn more and book a package today.