Cameron, Ferris and Sloan

| January 24, 2021

Three puppies were transferred to us from a local outreach program when their mother passed away. Cameron, Ferris, and Sloan were only five days old when they arrived. They had not opened their eyes or their ears. Maggots had been flushed from their umbilical area before they arrived, but more were found during their intake exam and all three had sores on their paw pads. 

Their prognosis was guarded. These siblings would need a lot of care which included feedings every two to three hours. 

Cameron, Ferris, and Sloan went to an experienced foster home where they were weighed daily, and the umbilical area and paws were treated with antibiotics.  

The trio experienced a variety of issues including congestion with discharge from the nose and eyes, skin irritation, and diarrhea. These were treated and the puppies thrived. 

Cameron, Ferris, and Sloan have had their spay/neuter surgeries and have been adopted. 

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