Humane Champion - Dexter


| May 17, 2023

Dexter is a fun-loving pooch who was surrendered to Toronto Humane Society. Dexter’s medical examination revealed hip dysplasia, a common condition for larger dogs where the hip socket does not entirely cover the upper thighbone’s ball portion. Although hesitant during his initial examination, our expert veterinarians and medical team developed a treatment plan for Dexter that includes pain management and exercise to help him cope with his condition. 

Dexter is doing well and remains an active dog who enjoys spending time with his foster family. He’s a shining ray of hope, demonstrating that dogs with hip dysplasia can still live happy and fulfilling lives with the right care and assistance. 

We are deeply thankful for individuals like you who support our cause and enable us to offer vital care and treatment to animals such as Dexter. He is currently available for adoption.  

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