Humane Champion - Dougie


| March 16, 2022

Dougie was transferred to Toronto Humane Society from a rescue in Florida. 

During his medical intake examination a few things were noted. Both ears had a dark discharge and small wounds, his teeth had some mild tartar build-up, and he had areas of dry skin. 

Bloodwork was taken, Dougie’s ears were cleaned and checked for mites, and our animal care folks began monitoring his skin condition.  

When Dougie’s bloodwork came back he tested positive for heartworm. As the treatment for heartworm takes months, Dougie went into a quiet foster home where he was on cage rest and restricted activity. Dougie has had his final heartworm treatment but he’ll need to be tested once more to get a clean bill of health. 

Dougie will continue in our care until he is adopted.

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