| July 27, 2022

When Dusk arrived at Toronto Humane Society, he was dehydrated and hadn’t eaten in two days. Dusk was given IV fluids and settled into a cozy, comfy space where he could relax and adjust to his new environment

When Dusk finally did eat, he ate too much and too fast and experienced diarrhea and vomiting. Poor Dusk! A fecal examination was done but no worms or parasites were found.

As nothing medical was found to be causing Dusk to have such little interest in food or drink, our behaviour staff did a detailed assessment and put together a plan to get him eating again. As Dusk was quite happy to eat treats and very much enjoyed being handfed, our behaviour team asked our cat enrichment volunteers to engage Dusk with treats and wet food. One thing was very clear from our volunteers – Dusk enjoys spending time with people.

Dusk is available for adoption.

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