For $20 a Month You Could Improve the Lives of Animals

| June 3, 2022

Our monthly donors strongly support the lifesaving work that we provide. Their steady stream of income helps us to plan and budget how many animals we can care for. 

Did you know that by donating $20 a month for a year, you can help us cover the cost of one extensive dental surgery?  

Most animals that come through our doors require some level of dental procedure for their comfort and long-term health. Since the start of 2022, we’ve performed 139 dental surgeries on animals in our care – animals like Golddust.  

From Stray Cat to Snuggle Bug 

After three months of wandering around a Toronto neighbourhood, an animal lover decided that it was time Golddust got off the streets. He was affectionate, with great manners, and loved to chat, so his finder brought him to us in hopes of finding him a new home. 

While in our care, we noticed that he had several dental issues, including gingivitis, exposed roots, and fractured and missing teeth.  

Thanks to the support from our monthly donors, Golddust received extensive dental surgery, was neutered, and recently moved into his forever home.  

Golddust - Humane Champion

Save More Lives – Become a Humane Champion 

We are in need of monthly donors who want to join us in our mission to Improve the Lives of Animals.  

This is a lifesaving plea that will help more animals, like Golddust, who need medical care before finding their forever homes. For less than a dollar day, you can make a world of difference and allow us to keep helping more animals and the animal loving community.