Janelle the cat that has benefit from monthly donors that help improve his life


| September 27, 2023

Janelle was brought to us as a stray cat, found in a box with her six kittens (Mykelti, Logan, Mitch, Gabriel, Axel, and Caleb).   At first, Janelle dedicated most of her time in the shelter to keeping a watchful eye over her lively kittens, but as they grew bigger and more independent, her playful side came out.  Our veterinary team estimates her to be around 1-year-old, and as most young cats do, Janelle loves to play with wand and laser pointer toys.   

While in our care, Janelle was spayed and received much needed medical attention.  She is now happily at home with her adoptive family.  Her kittens, all of whom have received their shots and been spayed/neutered, are looking for their forever homes.   

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