Humane Champion Kennedy


| June 21, 2023

Kennedy is a tough and resilient girl who was brought to us by a concerned colony caretaker. The caretaker noticed that Kennedy had a runny nose and was coughing, so they brought Kennedy and her pal, Eglinton, to Toronto Humane Society for assistance. 

During her examination, our veterinary team noticed that she had a chronic fracture in her right elbow, which was causing lameness in her leg. To provide her with the best possible quality of life, Kennedy underwent an amputation surgery. 

Kennedy also developed a severe urinary tract infection (UTI), which has been treated with medication. Despite these setbacks, Kennedy remained optimistic and determined to overcome these obstacles. 

Because of Kenney’s friendliness and high spirit, she was adopted as soon as she was medically cleared. Thank you for giving this sweet, stray cat the love and support she needed! 

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