| June 24, 2021

Knox, a friendly three month old puppy came to us through our Animal Transport Program with a medical note saying that he had an abnormal front right paw. It wasn’t causing Knox any pain or issues but his gait was off.  

X-rays were taken, which showed Knox’s right leg was shorter than his left. It was determined that there was nothing surgically that could be done to make a difference and the surrounding bones were healthy and relatively normal.  

Our Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner examined Knox, took measurements for future comparisons, and observed his movements. While Knox was weight-bearing on the right side, our team felt that a custom prosthesis to address the leg discrepancy would help with his walk, his ability to build muscle in the right leg, and would likely reduce the development of compensatory issues down the road. 

It was also noted that the best outcome for Knox would be to keep him lean and once he was grown into his adult self to look into a custom prosthesis. 

Knox has been adopted and his new family has been given all the information they need to make the best decisions for Knox’s future. 

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