Mamala and Her Kittens

| September 7, 2022

Mamala and her three 1 week old babies (Chipmunk, Squirrel, and Pink Smudge) were brought to Toronto Humane Society as strays.

All stray cats who come to Toronto Humane Society are put on a three-day hold while we attempt to find their owners through a microchip scan, alerting Toronto Animal Services, and posting online.

Mamala had a full intake examination, was vaccinated and given deworming medication.

An experienced foster family was found to care for Mamala and her kittens until they were weaned.

A month after their arrival, Mamala came back for her second round of vaccinations and after another month, when the kittens were weaned, Mamala came back to Toronto Humane Society for her spay surgery.

Mamala and her kittens have been adopted.

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