Mittens - Humane Champion


| February 9, 2022

When Mittens came to Toronto Humane Society, she was bloated with gas and constipation, she had blood in her urine, and she didn’t have an appetite. 

She was given medication to help the constipation, antibiotics to treat a suspected urinary tract infection, and something to help her relax in the shelter so her appetite would improve.  

Unfortunately, her appetite didn’t improve, her constipation turned to diarrhea, and the antibiotics didn’t clear up the blood in her urine. 

Imaging was done to see if Mittens had crystals that might cause blood in the urine, but none were found. Instead, there were signs of a bladder abnormality which might be contributing to the issue. 

Currently, Mittens is waiting for surgery with a specialist, and receiving the love and care she needs to keep her as comfortable as possible. 

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