Mo - Humane Champion


| June 1, 2022

Mo was five weeks old when he was transferred to Toronto Humane Society. 

He was very quiet, especially for a puppy; his eyelids were inflamed, he was missing patches of fur between his toes and on his elbows, and he had sores over his head and around his eyes. Poor Mo! But lucky for him, Toronto Humane Society could help! 

During his intake, our staff did skin scraping and discovered Mo had demodex mites which are treated topically, meaning lots of soothing baths, and sometimes an oral medication. 

Our team noticed that Mo had a heart murmur, so we booked an ultrasound for him. The ultrasound showed evidence of abnormally shaped valves, but his heart function was good, and his heart size is normal. There is nothing that needs to be done at this time, although Mo will need regular veterinary check-ups. 

Mo has been adopted and is living his best life. 

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