A successful story from our Humane Champion program


| February 28, 2024

Pearl was brought to Toronto Humane Society as a stray.  While the veterinarian team found her to be generally healthy, she had an obvious case of cherry eye in both eyes.

Cheery eye is a common term for when the third eyelid (known also as the nictitating membrane) that is normally hidden in the corner of a dog’s eye prolapses – or pops out.  It looks like an unmistakable pink bulge and causes dry eyes, irritation, and may lead to more severe health issues if untreated.

Through your support, Pearl was able to receive surgery on both eyes and is now recovering comfortably in a Foster home.  An eager family has already placed an adoption hold on her, so once she is cleared medically, Pearl will be going to her forever home. 

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