Thor - Humane Champion


| June 15, 2022

When Thor came to Toronto Humane Society, he had a few medical issues. His nose and lungs were congested, he had ear mites, his gums were swollen, and he had poor coat hair. 

Thor was started on antibiotics to clear the congestion and to treat his gums and, as he was still young, he was started on a diet of kitten food.  

The antibiotics didn’t fix the congestion so Thor was scheduled for a special examination to look in his ears to see if there were any masses or foreign bodies, as this can sometimes cause nasal discharge. When nothing notable was seen, Thor was sent to a foster home and put on different antibiotics for 28 days. When the nasal congestion continued past the 28 days, we scheduled Thor for a CT scan. 

The CT scan showed changes in Thor’s right ear, so a special surgery called ventral bulla osteotomy (VBO) was scheduled. VBO is a surgery that treats chronic or recurring ear issues by opening an area in the ear canal that allows the ear to drain fluids as it should. 

Thor will remain in our care until his surgery is completed and our medical team clears him for adoption.  

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