| April 13, 2021

Tony, an energetic and friendly Australian Cattle Dog mix, came from Florida to Toronto Humane Society through our Animal Transport Program.  

Our Behaviour Team were alerted that Tony had previously displayed “flight risk behaviour”. This compulsion to bolt through a door or while on a walk can be due to extreme nervousness or provoked by something unfamiliar and frightening, such as thunder, fireworks, or sirens. Flight risk behaviour can be modified through diligent and consistent training.  

Our Behaviour Team put together a plan to manage and mitigate Tony’s issue so he would be safe in his new life. Teaching Tony to focus on his owner, not on the distractions around him would help build that trust. Regular crate training would help him feel calm and less stressed. And gradual, controlled exposure to things that might trigger his urge to bolt, would eventually help him acclimate and tolerate them.   

Tony has been adopted. 

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