| May 24, 2021

Waylon, a neutered eight-year-old boxer was transferred to Toronto Humane Society from Texas through our Animal Transport Program.  

During his intake exam, our medical staff noted his skin showed trauma through scars and areas of chronic inflammation that appeared like “elephant skin”.  Although Waylon wasn’t scratching and didn’t seem to be itchy, he was given a soothing bath with a medicated shampoo that was massaged into his fur to rid him of anything that might irritate his skin. 

A heartworm test was done and it came back positive so treatment was started and Waylon was put on restricted exercise. 

Our behaviour staff noted when they called Waylon or clapped their hands he didn’t seem to notice. Waylon was checked by our medical staff and it was discovered that he is deaf. 

Waylon completed his heartworm treatment and has been adopted. 

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