International Dog Day

Dog Lovers Unite – It’s International Dog Day!

| August 26, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 26, 2021 — TORONTO, ON – What a day to celebrate! A joyous time to recognize the love, companionship and comfort dogs bring into our lives every single day. A day to reflect on the tremendous value dogs add to our lives each and every day, the companionship and unconditional love is un-paralleled.  

At Toronto Humane Society, we work to make every single day International Dog Day for those furry friends who do not have a home and are looking for a second chance.  

Our commitment to the human-animal bond motivates us to deliver life-saving work which improves the lives of Dogs every single day!  

Help other animals like Barney by becoming a Humane Champion.

Dogs like 6-year-old Labradoodle, Barney, who came to us in need of urgent medical care after ingesting an entire cob of corn! Sweet Barney was in tremendous pain and required extensive medical treatments to be an eligible candidate for adoption. He is now living his best life in his forever home!

Help other animals like Nicole by becoming a Humane Champion.

Or Dogs like Nicole, a 1-year-old Miniature Pincher who required a leg amputation after sustaining a devastating tibia fracture. She, too, is now flourishing and has found a place to call home!

But not all of our cases require this type of medical attention. Some require creative solutions to larger systemic issues impacting animal welfare.

Dogs like Sven and Olie – two fun-loving and gentle pit-bulls who needed a place to call home, but to no fault of their own, were unable to do so in the province of Ontario where pit-bulls are banned.

International Dog Day is a day to recognize our canine companions and the love they give us. It is also a day to remember that there are many out there without people, in need of a loving home and someone to sniff when they get home.

Because of the dedication and support of our donors, we are able to attend to the needs of Dogs just like Barney, Nicole, Sven and Ollie, every single year.

It takes a village, but when dog lovers unite, we are able to move mountains and impact lives everywhere.

Today, is a day to recognize and cherish the love our four-legged friends give to us 365 days a year and also a day to encourage engagement & lend your love and support to dogs in need.

It fills our hearts to be able to change lives and your heart will too become full, when you are able to Improve Dogs Lives’ by Becoming a Humane Champion!

Click here to learn more about our Humane Champion program.