Introducing Budget Friendly Mid-Day Canine Training Classes

| May 26, 2023

Dogs, like people, often learn by doing. In fact, puppies and older dogs are constantly learning how to react in different situations, and that’s why proactive dog training is so important.   

Proactive training is training your pet to do what you want them to do before they have the opportunity to develop a habit of practicing a behaviour that you don’t want them to do. This could include obedience and manners type training, such as teaching your dog to listen to cues, but it encompasses much more than that.  

You can also apply this idea of proactive training to socialize your dog to new environments, people, and experiences, as well as cooperative care, like nail trimming, grooming, and vet exams.  

Instead of reactive training, which teaches your dog to react in a certain way as they’re experiencing a situation, proactive training teaches your dog what is expected of them in whatever situation that they may encounter before it happens, which helps to eliminate unwanted behaviours before they arise.   

Enroll in a Budget Friendly Mid-Day Training Classes

Because proactive training is essential to building long-lasting and happy relationships between pets and their guardians, we released new budget friendly mid-day training canine training classes.  

We are currently offering three training courses in the middle of the day – Foundation Skills, Puppy Manners and Socialization, and Reactive Dog Group Class – to make these courses more accessible to pet parents. 

 Lead by certified canine trainers, these classes help pet parents learn positive reinforcement techniques while providing you and your best friend with a constructive, supportive, and inspiring environment for strengthening the human-animal bond.   

If you’re unsure whether this is the right class for you or if you want to learn more about our training services, please email us at