Introducing Our New Polite Family Dog Manners Training Class

| November 17, 2023

Picture this: your dog is sitting politely while watching you chat with your neighbour, calmly greeting guests at family events, disregarding food on the kitchen table, and happily focusing on you when passing friendly strangers or dogs on the street. How can you make this happen? By enrolling in our new Polite Family Dog Manners Training Class! 

What Does the Class Do?

Based on the Canine Good Neighbour test, the Polite Family Dog Manners Training Class focuses on teaching your dog polite behaviour through positive reinforcement. This means that instead of scolding your dog for unwanted behaviour, you reward them for desirable behaviour. By doing this, your dog will learn healthy habits and what’s expected of them, making them feel good about it! 

What is the Canine Good Neighbour Test?

Comprised of 12 steps, the Canine Good Neighbour Test ensures that each dog is accepted as a polite, valued member of our community once it has been passed successfully. The steps that each dog must complete are: 

  1. Accepting AaFriendly Stranger 
  2. Politely Accepts Petting 
  3. Appearance and Grooming 
  4. Out For a Walk 
  5. Walking Through a Crowd 
  6. Sit/Down on Command and Stay in Place 
  7. Come When Called 
  8. Praise/Interaction 
  9. Reaction tp a Passing Dog 
  10. Reaction to Distractions 
  11. Supervised Isolation 
  12. Walking Through a Door/Gate 

Taking inspiration from these 12 steps, our Polite Family Dog Manners Training Class will ensure that your dog meets the criteria of becoming a Canine Good Neighbour. 

But it’s not just about your dog; it’s about you too. The class will help you improve your training skills as you practice clear behavioural cues paired with precise reinforcement strategies and apply smart environmental management techniques to lessen opportunities for your dog to practice unwanted behaviour. This way, you can build a strong and loving relationship with your dog based on trust and understanding. 

Get Started Now

With the Polite Family Dog Manners Training Class, you can look forward to a happier and more peaceful life with your four-legged friend. Taking place over the span of 6 weeks, your dog will master skills like recall, attentiveness, politeness. By learning together and understanding each other better, you and your dog can build a strong and lasting bond that brings laughter, joy, and happiness to your home.