Keep Your Pet Safe During Fireworks

Keep Your Pet Safe During Fireworks

| June 24, 2021

Even if you aren’t celebrating Canada Day, there’s sure to be a handful of fireworks going off nearby. While they can be loud and pretty, fireworks are terrifying for our pets.

The “F word” of the pet world

For our pets – who have no idea what’s going on or what to expect – fireworks are sudden shocks of terrifying volume. They can send an animal into a panic lasting hours after the show has ended. Even if you aren’t going anywhere where there will be fireworks, it’s best to prepare yourself and your pet anyways as many homes will be putting on firework shows of their own. Here are some ways to stay prepared.

For the smaller special species animals

Move their cages to a quieter area of the house, like the basement. For those cuties who tend to burrow (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, and mice), you can provide them with extra bedding and materials to escape the noise. For birds, you can cover their birdcage with a blanket or towel to block out some of the noise and sudden flashes of light.

For dogs and cats

Keep them inside during the fireworks. Dogs and cats tend to run away when they’re scared, so close the windows and make sure there are no easy escape routes. A frightened animal can often look for the nearest place to run and hide. You should also double, even triple check, to make sure your pet has their collar on with all their information. You could even consider having your pet microchipped, just so you’re prepared.

Take your dog for a walk before it gets dark so that they won’t need to use the bathroom during the firework show.

It’s also important to give your pet a safe space. Create a little fort, complete with snacks, a bed, and a cozy little cover to make them feel safe (you can never go wrong with a pillow and blanket fort!).

If or when your pet begins to look stressed out because of noise (restlessness, pacing, quivering, and looking for places to hide are some of the signs), you’ll naturally want to comfort them and tell them everything will be alright. It’s actually best to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary. By being calm and relaxed, your pet will see there’s nothing to be so worried about.

If you have plans to go out for fireworks, it’s important that, first of all, you keep your pet at home. No matter how fun-loving and social they are, they will likely not appreciate being outside with all that noise. Second, try to make sure there’s someone at home to keep your pet(s) company while there are fireworks going off.


For more information on how to keep your pet safe during firework contact your veterinarian.