Keep Your Pets Safe During Diwali

| November 10, 2023

Diwali, also referred to as The Festival of Lights, is a time of exuberant festivities for many across the world. However, while this period is marked by vibrant fireworks, dazzling decorations, and sumptuous feasts, it can be a stressful time for our furry friends. The cacophony of crackers, bright lights, and changes in routine during Diwali can lead to anxiety, fear, and even potential hazards for animals. Here are crucial tips to ensure the safety and well-being of your pets during this festive season. 

Create a Safe Haven

 Designate a quiet, comfortable, and secure space in your home for your pet. This area should be shielded from the noise and commotion of Diwali celebrations. Equip it with familiar bedding, toys, food, and water to ensure a stress-free environment. 

ID Tags and Microchipping

Ensure that your pet has proper identification tags with updated contact information. In case your pet gets startled and flees due to fireworks, having identification can significantly increase the chances of a safe return. Microchipping is an added layer of security in case the tags get lost. You can book your microchipping appointment with Toronto Humane Society’s Public Veterinary Services. 

Keep Them Indoors

During Diwali, it’s crucial to keep your pets indoors. Loud noises from fireworks can be distressing and may cause pets to run away or hide. Close windows, curtains, and doors to minimize exposure to flashing lights and noise. 

Maintain Regular Routines

Try to maintain your pet’s regular routine of feeding, walking, and playtime as much as possible. Consistency can help them feel more secure amidst the disruptions of the festive season. 

Firework Safety

Keep your pets away from fireworks, sparklers, and firecrackers. The noise and bright lights can cause anxiety, panic, and potential injuries. Store fireworks safely out of reach, and never light them in proximity to your pets. 

Avoid Harmful Decorations

Certain decorations like candles, diyas (oil lamps), and strings of lights can pose risks to your pets. Pets might accidentally knock over lit candles or ingest decorations, leading to burns or other injuries. Place these items out of reach or consider pet-friendly alternatives. 

Rangoli, which is an art where patterns are created on the floor or a tabletop, can also easily be accessible to pets so try using materials that are pet safe such as coloured rocks. 

Watch Their Diet

With an abundance of festive treats around, it’s tempting to share these delights with your pets. However, many human foods can be harmful to animals. Keep sweets, chocolates, and rich foods away from your pets as they can cause digestive issues or even poisoning.