Limited Edition Hon Tattoo Studio Designs Support Animal Welfare

| October 12, 2023

Hon Tattoo Studio is known for their award-winning designs and top tattoo artists – and now they’re brining a mix of their artistry and compassion to animal welfare with limited edition designs available for purchase as part of their Home Building Project Campaign.

Their talented artists have crafted unique designs which will be printed on tote bags and made available for $30. These specially crafted bag designs serve as a canvas for art enthusiasts and animal lovers alike, allowing them to carry a piece of art with them wherever they go while also showing their support and love for animals.

But that’s not all – in an exciting collaboration, Hon Tattoo Studio has joined forces with Vans, the iconic footwear brand. Only a limited number of customers will have the opportunity to purchase these one-of-a-kind custom shoes that has been hand designed and painted.

Proceeds from each sale will support Toronto Humane Society’s lifesaving programs. Visit Hon Tattoo Studio’s Instagram page to learn more and purchase one of their limited-edition items.