Little Macadamia was Bitten by a Dog

| September 2, 2022

Macadamia is like any other kitten.

Playful, affectionate, and above all – curious. She loves meeting new people, learning new things, and discovering new places. One day, her curiosity led her to the food bowl of a dog she was living with.

It all happened so fast. A warning growl, then a bite. At first, Macadamia didn’t know what happened. It wasn’t until the pain set in that she began crying out for help.  

Macadamia was rushed to emergency with several injuries on her head and neck. Her sinuses were punctured through, and there was risk of infection. Thankfully, she received treatment right away with antibiotics and pain medication.

What Macadamia needed next was someone to help her rebuild trust.

An incident like this could have traumatized Macadamia for life. Her treatment needed to include not just medical care, but trust-building as well.

Thanks to our supporters, we have a large network of Foster Parents who provide animals like Macadamia with the love and care they need to recover physically and mentally from accident, injury, or illness. 

Macadamia found the perfect Foster Home and has made a complete recovery.  

Macadamia was adopted by a loving family shortly after and has moved on from that painful memory. But there are so many more animals like her who’ve suffered traumatic experiences. These animals not only need life-saving medical care, but long-term support in the way of rehab and trust building.  

Will you help them recover? Will you give them a second chance?