Making Vet Visits Fun: Tips for Entertaining Your Pet While Waiting

| March 31, 2023

Visiting the vet can be an anxious and stressful experience for our furry friends, especially if they have to wait for a long time. As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to make the visit to the vet as comfortable as possible. One way to do this is by making the waiting time fun for our pets. Here are some tips to help you make waiting for the vet enjoyable for your pet. Before trying these techniques, remember to check with your vet to make sure your pet does not need to fast before their appointment.

Practice Foundation Skills

Practice some fun foundation skills like sit, lie down, and hand touch. Be sure to reward your pet for every correct response. The goal is to have your pet have fun showing off their known behaviour while earning reinforcement at a high rate to create a pleasant association with the waiting room.

Practice Tricks

Another way to make waiting for the vet fun is by practicing tricks with your pet. Give the vet’s office a little talent show by showing off your pet’s tricks. Remember to reward your pet well for showing off at the vet. We want the vet’s office to be a fun place to hang out.

Bring a Favourite Toy

Bring your pet’s favourite toy along to the vet’s office. Play with your pet to keep them occupied and happy.

Teach Your Pet a Simple Pattern Game

Drop a treat on the ground, and when your pet looks at you, drop another treat on the ground. Repeat this pattern a few times, and your pet will start to anticipate the next treat. This game is a great way to keep your pet focused and entertained while waiting for the vet.

Remember, waiting for the vet doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for your pet. By teaching them some fun games, practicing tricks, bringing their favourite toy, and playing pattern games, you can make the waiting time at the vet enjoyable for your furry friend. And, as always, give them praise for their good behaviour.