Marty Found His Fresh Start – Help Other Animals Find Theirs Too

| April 29, 2022

Marty was transferred into our care from St. Hubert’s, New Jersey in late November 2021. 

Marty is an energetic, cuddly little guy but when he first arrived, was very underweight. He was also nervous in unfamiliar environments and needed a dedicated family to help him gain his confidence so that he could be the best adventure dog he could be. 

After being adopted and returned twice by two different families, Marty was starting to lose hope that he would never find his forever family.  

But in late December, he received a present from our “Hope for the Holidays” campaign. The treats and toys he received lifted his spirit, and then something amazing happened. On December 29, 2021, Marty found his forever family. 

“We have now had Marty for 4 months and couldn’t imagine life without him,” says his new guardian, Jordana. “While there have definitely been some hard days, I can tell you with total certainty that he is a super smart, gentle, loving dog who is very eager to learn. We are totally in love with him.”  

Give the Gift of Fresh Starts to More Pets Like Marty

There are hundreds of other animals still waiting for their moment. Remind them that their fresh start is just around the corner by sending them a spring gift from the In Bloom Spring Market. 

From floral bouquets, catnip arrangements, to treat assortments, these locally made gifts will lift the spirits and warm the hearts of animals in our care while they patiently wait to find their forever homes. 

In return for sending the pets in our care a spring gift, you will receive a thank you letter, with photos and videos, of the pets enjoying their new toys and treats.