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Our Pet Food Bank Does More Than Just Fill Bellies

| October 20, 2023

It also nurtures the bonds that make families whole

In the heart of our community, there are pet parents grappling with an unimaginable reality. They bear the weight of not knowing how they’ll provide food for their companions. But because of their love for their furry family members, they refuse to let their financial situation break their undeniable human-animal bond.

To provide additional support, Toronto Humane Society planned an event to distribute essential pet supplies such as crates, bowls, leashes, and toys to members in our community in need. Our first Community Day event launched in October 2022, which was followed by a second one in December 2022.

As more people started to attend our Community Day events, lines quickly began to wrap around our building. It became very clear that our community needed support; we answered their call by expanding monthly Community Day events at our location. But the demand for help continues to grow, so with the help of our community partners, we started to host Community Day events at other locations. Our First Inner-City Outreach Clinic held at The Bond on June 20th, 2023, was an event filled with heartwarming moments and a strong sense of community. The reassurance it provided to both pets and their parents was insurmountable as participants left the event with higher hopes and happier faces.

Supporting Our Community with Unity

Our Pet Food Bank’s primary purpose is to support families when they’re facing financial hardship by providing them with pet food. Over time, our Pet Food Bank has grown to be not just a resource, but a lifeline amidst our city’s crises.

A Necessity, Not an Accessory

“Our Community Day events have grown from providing momentary relief to being an essential service that keeps families together,” shares Sam Jones, Division Manager of Public Programs. “By helping pet parents, we help animals. The pet is the link.” In an economy marked by instability, our community has increasingly relied on this service. Just in the first half of 2023, we’ve provided an astounding 85,984 pounds of pet food to community members in need. Comparatively, last year our total donation was 57,774 pounds of food. This means that within only 6 months, we’ve nearly doubled the amount of food distributed last year. While distributing pet food might appear like a small gesture, it does way more than just filling empty pet bowls. By helping community members care for their pet’s essential needs, our Pet Food Bank plays a pivotal role in keeping pets out of shelters and keeping loving families whole during difficult times.

This article was originally published in the Fall Edition of Toronto Humane Society’s quarterly magazine, Animal Talk. You can read the full magazine for free via issuu. Our city is in crisis and it needs your help. Click here to learn how you can keep families whole during uncertain times.