| March 16, 2023
Happy Tails

Ruby (formerly Wonder) settled in pretty quickly.

The fear of going through doors didn’t occur with us at all. She was at first a little hesitant to get on the elevator, but now she’s a pro! Same with her fear of stairs, we haven’t tested her on a large set, but she is confidently going up and down sets of 3-6 steps no questions asked.

She is taking full advantage of our beds, the couch, and all the new toys she’s gotten.

She did have one day where she caused a bit of chaos, chewing through a few chargers, gnawing the side of our tv cabinet, and eating a stick of butter (what a day) but aside from that she really has just been a huge suck.

She basically tackles me to the ground out of excitement when I get home from work, jumping up and doing circles in front of me, always followed by her rolling on her back for a big chest and belly rub!

We’ve been having quite a few people stopping to ask us her breed and complimenting her gorgeous looks.

We’re really happy to have her in our lives, and she just seems really happy in her new home. She’s slept through every night, and hasn’t had one poop or pee inside.

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