Selling 5,555 Unique NFTs to Help Animals in Need

| May 20, 2022

Internationally renowned, award-winning, Toronto-based cartoonist Paul Gilligan is using his love of art to support animals in need.  He is the creator of Pooch Café which features the fun, crazed, and exciting adventures of Poncho the dog.  

There are 5,555 NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, available for purchase to be a part of the Pooch Café adventure. Not only will you own the property rights and ownership of one of Paul Gilligan‘s original creations, but you will also be granted participation in community votes, activities, and events, and have the joy of becoming a pet parent to Poncho himself. 

Are you ready to jump into the new and exciting world of NFTs? Grab your leash and get ready to join the Pooch Café!