It’s Not Too Late to Send a Gift of Hope 

| December 23, 2021

During the month of December, a sense of joy and cheer fills the air as many families come together to celebrate the season. Presents are exchanged and laughter and the smell of homecooked meals fill the home. But some pets spent this month a little differently as they wait for their forever family – pets like Gumaro who has been waiting for his forever family for over 2 years. 

“Hello hooman. I am very excited to talk to you because everything makes me excited. Guess what I did today? I chased a leaf. It was the bestest. Okay-okay, here is my holiday list: please-please-please, may I please have balls, frisbees and squeaky toys? Also please may I have lots of walks and runs? I love to run. I think that is it. WAIT – maybe, just maybe, could I have my very own family who will never, ever leave me?”

It’s not too late to create a lasting impact by giving a gift of hope. Your gift is much more than giving them a new toy or their favourite treat. Each gift is a reminder that one day they’ll enjoy the holiday season in their forever home, too. 

Simply visit our Hope for the Holiday’s e-store, select a gift and share the warm and fuzzy festive feelings with homeless pets like Gumaro.