Visual Enrichment for Cats

Simple Ways You Can Provide Visual Enrichment for Your Cat 

| April 8, 2022

Like most cat parents, you’ve done everything you can to give your cat the best life possible. You provide them with high-quality food, a clean litter box, veterinary care, and lots of love and affection. But our feline friends need more to live a happy and healthy life – they need environmental enrichment. 

What happens if their environmental needs aren’t met? Cats can become anxious, stressed, or bored. They might exhibit unwanted behaviours such as excessive hiding, compulsive grooming, destroying furniture, and overeating. 

The goal of enrichment is to improve the quality of life for your cat, increase their ability to successfully cope with daily stressors, and improve their sociability. One sensory form of enrichment is sight. Here are three simple ways you can provide visual enrichment for your cat.  


Set up a window perch for your cat to watch wildlife – or people watch if you live in the city. First, ensure your window is securely shut as to prevent the cat from being able to escape. This will allow your cat to observe the natural world around them. Setting up a bird feeder outside, in their view from the window, is another way to keep them entertained. 


When you’re working from home and your cat seems interested in your computer, set up the TV or another monitor for your cat. There are tons of videos of birds, squirrels, and fish available on YouTube – in fact, there are a few channels completely dedicated to cat TV and games. Only play these videos for short periods of time so that your cat does not become frustrated, and make sure that the TV is securely mounted because some cats may be inclined to chase what they’re watching.  

Interactive Cat Toys

The best interactive cat toys are the ones that engage all 5 senses, such as the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit, automated cat-safe lasers, and a favourite at Toronto Humane Society, Da Bird. These toys give your cat mental and physical exercise, which provides stimulation for a bored cat, redirects the energy of a troublemaker, builds confidence in a fearful cat, and will strengthen the bond between you and your pet.