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Selling Your Unwanted Items to Support Pets in Need

| March 18, 2022

Spring is in the air! Well, kind of. March 20th marks the first official day of Spring! While everyone’s getting excited for the warmer weather, budding flowers, and the song of birds serenading us in the morning, Spring cleaning is also around the corner. 

But what if decluttering your home could also benefit pets in need? GiveShop and All Good Market make this possible!  

How it works

It’s simple. Once you’re done going through your closets and cupboards to get rid of the things you no longer use – like that mug set you received as a gift, that outfit you wore for that one “special occasion” you’ll never wear again, or even that cat toy you ordered online that your cat never played with because they preferred the Amazon box it came in – whatever it is, snap a picture of the item. 

Next, create an account on GiveShop and All Good Market, choose Toronto Humane Society as your supporting charity, and post your items for sale. You will receive a notification when a potential buyer wants to purchase one of your items. 

Once the sale is made, the money raised will go directly towards Toronto Humane Society’s community services and assistance programs for pets and their families in need. Plus, if you sell an item that is over $20 you will also receive a tax receipt for the full amount! 

A reward for cleaning

Your home will feel cleaner, the buyer will get your unwanted item, money will be sent to support pets in need, and you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount paid. Maybe this is just the motivation we all need to make decluttering and Spring cleaning a rewarding task for all!