Thanks To Our Supporters, 18 Puppies Received the Care They Needed

| March 24, 2023

If you’ve ever cared for a puppy, you know how much work it can be. The late nights and early mornings, the crate training and house training, the nipping and chewing and troublemaking. More important than anything, though, is keeping the pup healthy while their immune system slowly develops.

Now – imagine caring for not one, not two, but 18 puppies at once.

Toronto Humane Society started off 2023 by welcoming 18 puppies from remote regions of Northern Ontario. This group of fragile pups, cute as they were, required significant resources—staff, volunteers, and material—to provide them with the extensive level of care they needed. 

Ranging from just one to three months old, the puppies were susceptible to life-threatening illnesses, such as parvovirus. This extremely contagious virus can spread easily between dogs. It can be fatal if it is not treated quickly. Each puppy was vaccinated to boost their immune system and protect them from any infections or viruses. 

Thanks to our supporters, we had the resources to provide every puppy with round-the-clock care, from core vaccinations to disease prevention, daily enrichment, and finally a special foster home.

But what about the next group of vulnerable animals? And the one after that? Your gift today will make a difference and be there for more puppies and other vulnerable animals.