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The First Thing You’ll Notice About Puppy is her Happy Face

| January 28, 2022

Big and beautiful with a tongue twirling happily to the side, it’s the look of a 5-month-old puppy without a care in the world.

Only after you’ve been kissed and cuddled into oblivion would you notice her right leg.

Puppy was born with a congenital limb deformity. The bones in her forearm, having separated below her elbow, have not developed like the rest of her body.

Help other animals with similar conditions

Amputation of the leg was considered first. But because Puppy will grow into a large dog, her body weight would be placed on her single front leg. Mobility would be significantly decreased, while chances of injuries to her other limbs would increase.

Instead of amputating her leg, our experts worked with Pawsability, a Toronto-based orthotics & prosthetics service whose innovative solutions have helped many animals in our care.

They created a prosthesis for Puppy out of a mold of her limb. It is custom fit to her unique anatomy, and comfortably protects and supports her limb in its natural position. This device will significantly improve Puppy’s long-term comfort and mobility, and will reduce the risk of future injury.

Give more animals a chance for a happy and healthy life, like Puppy.

Puppy will need extra support from her caregivers for the rest of her life. But with a new prosthesis and a solid rehabilitation program, she has a bright future full of long walks, and even zoomies.

There are thousands of animals in need of this same level of care. Some, like Puppy, will have been born with a congenital condition. Others may be injured, neglected, or even abused to the point of permanent injury.

With your kind gift today, we can continue to provide animals in need with custom made prosthesis, personalized rehabilitation programs, and an improved quality of life.